Spec's 80th Birthday

The BIG party at Harvey's

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DSC00149-1.jpg (72670 bytes) The LOUDmouth captured in her natural state....

DSC00151-1.jpg (139473 bytes) Hey, is that a golf ball coming this way?

DSC00155-1.jpg (112859 bytes) Spec's new T-shirt

DSC00157-1.jpg (100681 bytes) Harvey presents his seat in the new Falls Creek tabernacle

DSC00158-1.jpg (94216 bytes) He was speechless!

DSC00159-1.jpg (98198 bytes) The birthday cake, gee, Harvey looks just like he did!

DSC00160-1.jpg (109836 bytes) Oh wait, I don't think I want any cake after all.

DSC00161-1.jpg (127382 bytes) The whole gang.

DSC00163-1.jpg (103607 bytes) The kids.

DSC00164-1.jpg (115956 bytes) The grandkids.

DSC00166-1.jpg (114878 bytes) The crazy kids!