Monday Night 97 Net Announcements!
9 PM on 146.97 here in Ponca City. Rev. 9/4/17
Below is a link to the 97 Net Usual Checkins. It is sorted by callsign suffix to make it easy for you to look folks up.
Announcements for  2017

All club meetings start at 7PM.
At the RCB Motor Bank
South of the Pioneer Woman
Jan 19
Feb 16
Mar 16
Apr 20
May 18
Jun 15
Jul 20
Aug 17
Sep 21
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 21?,   Xmas Dinner

(mention this Jan to Apr)

You can bring some $$$ to the meeting OR send it in to the club PO Box.
Contact Earl W5ZXC for details on the dues.
1st Saturday of each month at 8 AM
At Cobb's Cafe, Blackwell
3rd Saturday of each month at 9AM
At Kountry Kitchen on Highland in Ponca City
1st Tuesday of every even numbered month
Here is the Kay County V E schedule
2017 Schedule
Feb 7, Apr 4, Jun 6, Aug 1, Oct 3, Dec 5
Pre-registration is required
Contact Dave to register.
6:30 PM at 34 Hillcrest Dr in Ponca City
Upcoming Hamfests for the Area

Oklahoma State Convention
Green Country Hamfest, Inc.
Apr. 7 & 8, 2017
Ham Com
Plano, TX
Visit Site: for more information
Jun. 9 & 10, 2017

Derby Radio Shack Swapmeet

Always the Saturday before Field Day in June.

OKC Hamfest
Click here for all the details
Jul. 21 & 22, 2017

Joplin HamFest
Aug. 26, 2017

Mena HamFest
Sep. 8 & 9, 2017

Texoma Hamarama HamFest
Ardmore, Ok
Their website:
Oct. ?, 2017

Wichita Area Hamfest
Valley Center Amateur Radio Club
Oct. 7,  2017
Enid Hamfest
Garfield County Fairgroundsg
Click here for all the details
Nov. 4, 2017
QST............... QST............. QST..................

This is station ___________ calling the Kay County Area Two Meter Net. This net operates on the W5HZZ repeater on 146.97 in Ponca City , Ok. This net meets weekly on Monday evenings at 9 PM local time. All licensed amateurs are invited to take part in net activities. Your net control this evening is ____________ my name is ____________ and I'm located in ___________.

At this time I'll take check-ins from all stations,  if you do have a comment for the net be sure to mention that, otherwise I'll assume you are for the count only. Please give your callsign PHONETICALLY with your name and location. Go now…

(When everyone is checked in, go to those with comments first, then give the announcements. Use the announcements shown below, print it out ahead of time if you don't have high speed net at home. Usually this is things like the next club meeting, the next Ham breakfast, the next VE session and any upcoming ham fests. Be sure to pause every 5 to 10 minutes and ID yourself and ask for more check-ins. Also, PAUSE every so often long enough for the repeater to drop out, if someone is trying to checkin via EchoLink the repeater has to be off for them to Xmit.)

I would like to thank all stations for checking in this evening and at this time if there are no futher check-ins or comments for the net (unkey and listen) I will return the W5HZZ repeater to normal amateur service, this is ________ signing. (You may have to do the closing several times if you keep getting someone with a comment or check-in). After the net, ID yourself and then send 90* to turn off the net beep.
QST QST QST - Coming Public Service Event! September 30th 7AM to about 4PM
Tall Grass Tour bicycle races. If you have not signed up yet and will be available, contact Dave, KD5FX. You'll need a 25W or more mobile setup to participate.