Bowling Green Vacation June 2004

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First we loaded in the new Yukon

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and headed off to Bowling Green, Ky.  Why to Bowling Green? you ask.

Well, because it's the only place in the world that these are built.

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We toured the Corvette factory (twice) but they don't allow pictures inside
Here's a link to a website with pictures.
While we were there the week of June 14th, 2004 they were still building the last of the 2004 models AND a few of the brand new model, the C6 version, the 2005. I have pictures of it below in the museum section. We saw several of the new 2005 models at the factory and even one just driving around town!

So I took this one outside!

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Then we toured the Corvette Museum

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They DO allow pictures inside there and I took A LOT!

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DSC00049-1.jpg (100910 bytes) The store!

DSC00050-1.jpg (82327 bytes) The museum entrance is lined with cars on loan to the museum.

DSC00051-1.jpg (67559 bytes) The body parts for the original '53.

DSC00052-1.jpg (45768 bytes) One of the 300 original '53 models, very rare...

DSC00053-1.jpg (70366 bytes) The famous 'Blue Flame' six cylinder engine.

DSC00054-1.jpg (66681 bytes) A '54

DSC00055-1.jpg (60652 bytes) Zora was the first Corvette engineer.

DSC00056-1.jpg (82753 bytes)DSC00057-1.jpg (78464 bytes) Some of the sites inside.

DSC00058-1.jpg (62070 bytes)DSC00060-1.jpg (111992 bytes)DSC00062-1.jpg (61448 bytes) The early years.

DSC00069-1.jpg (83926 bytes) A simulation of the 'marrying' process where the body and drive train come together on the assembly line. I saw this twice on the factory tours, once with a C5 and later with a new C6.

DSC00070-1.jpg (65607 bytes)DSC00071-1.jpg (82635 bytes)DSC00072-1.jpg (95250 bytes)DSC00073-1.jpg (73624 bytes) More from the early years including the rare split window '63.

DSC00078-1.jpg (79153 bytes)DSC00079-1.jpg (49515 bytes) Corvette racing icons.

DSC00080-1.jpg (98984 bytes)DSC00081-1.jpg (81929 bytes)

DSC00082-1.jpg (103603 bytes)

DSC00087-1.jpg (81605 bytes)DSC00089-1.jpg (40032 bytes)DSC00088-1.jpg (77251 bytes)DSC00098-1.jpg (77686 bytes)DSC00099-1.jpg (103273 bytes)DSC00100-1.jpg (95204 bytes) The new C6 2005 model! And some of the mockups used to develop the new model along with the new 6L 400 HP engine.

DSC00090-1.jpg (93372 bytes)DSC00095-1.jpg (97032 bytes)DSC00096-1.jpg (75791 bytes) A couple of the concept cars including a mid-engine model.

DSC00101-1.jpg (82394 bytes)DSC00102-1.jpg (111425 bytes)DSC00103-1.jpg (97333 bytes) A crashed C5 done for testing.

DSC00105-1.jpg (88009 bytes)DSC00106-1.jpg (86946 bytes)DSC00107-1.jpg (95589 bytes)DSC00108-1.jpg (82429 bytes)DSC00109-1.jpg (96007 bytes)DSC00111-1.jpg (97164 bytes) DSC00116-1.jpg (94053 bytes)

The cars in the big room including the Indy 500 pace cars.

DSC00112-1.jpg (107484 bytes)DSC00113-1.jpg (70686 bytes) The one and only 1983 model still in existence. 

DSC00117-1.jpg (110523 bytes)DSC00118-1.jpg (103834 bytes) The walk out.

Then we went 'caving', first to the Lost River Cave where you ride a boat through this small cave.

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Then to Mammoth Cave, the world's largest with over 360 miles of known caverns, we toured about 4 miles of it in 4 hours

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On the way home we stopped by my Sister's place in rural Arkansas.

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