Fall's Creek Tour 2009

Last update 3/21/2009

These are all snapshots, click on each to enlarge the picture then use your 'back' button to return to this menu...

Below are shots inside the Tabernacle.

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First is Sherre in HER chair, then the two of us, I'm in Spec's (Sherre's Dad) chair. The other shots are just to show the expanse of the place! It seats over 7200! It's been packed out several times already!

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Above is for you techno-geeks only, you know who you are! The lighting and sound control center. A close-up of the Yamaha digital sound board. That giant thing next to Sherre is one of the TWO Christy 30,000 lumen projectors! Then some of the Crown amps in the amp rack, all computer monitored and controlled.

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Here's the front of the building and Sherre and I in the lobby.

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Just behind the new Tabernacle is McAlester FBC's cabin, Sherre's Dad designed this cabin and we both stayed there as teenagers (in the 70s). You can see that it's just a few feet away from the new building, it used to be a large parking lot away from the old tabernacle.

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We walked out to the 'Devil's Bathtub' which is now called 'Boulder Springs', I didn't see any boulders there but I DID see the Devil's chair, it's just over my left shoulder in the picture. The water level was about 2 feet below normal. There's a new path out there from when we were kids so we found the old path, you can see the 'keep out' sign and Sherre is sitting on the old steps that everyone used to get there before. It used to be quite an adventure to hike out to the 'tub but now it's an easy walk down a road large enough to drive my truck down. Oh well, that's progress...

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Last we took some pics of the old Ponca City FBC cabin, known as Rancho Ponca, but the sign is covered up. You can also see the old foot bridge everyone used to get up the hill to the old tabernacle.