C5 Hazard Switch replacement and Radio Removal info
Each of these is a snapshot, click on them to see an enlarged picture.

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I started at 2:30 PM

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Here's the tools you'll need, a Torx 15, a 10mm & 7mm socket, a small screwdriver and a couple of medium sized screwdrivers. The power driver makes things go faster.

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Start by cleaning out all the junk in your center console, then pop up the two nut covers at the back end and remove those two 10mm nuts.

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Next you've got to pop out this plate that your traction control button is located in. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pop it out, there are just two metal clips holding it in.

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On the traction control panel there are two plugs to un-plug.

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Each one has a little tab to pull to get them un-plugged, this one requires a screwdriver.

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Here's the two plugs un-plugged and the two 10mm nuts you must remove next.

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Now there are two Torx 15 screws in the ash tray area, remove the ash tray first.

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Here's the 2nd Torx 15 that is hiding under the ash tray.

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Now you gotta un-plug the power plug to the center console. This one requires a small screwdriver to get to the tab.

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Here's what that plug looks like after it's out, note the tab on top.

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Your last screw is under this little panel next to the ignition switch. That's the temperature sensor for your HVAC unit in there so be very careful. That's a Torx 15 screw.

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Now, slide the center storage console back and flip it over, un-plug this connector that goes to the gas tank lid.

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Here's what the console looks like on it's side.

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Now pull the back end of the main part of the center console up a bit. Pull up the emergency brake, turn on the key and put it in low gear.

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Ease the whole thing over the gear shift and off but be careful, there's one more connector to un-plug!

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That last one is on the 'power plug' (or cig lighter) it has a tab you can pull up with your thumb like this.

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Now you've got the console out, here you can see the extra insulation I added awhile back. This REALLY helps with the 'hot console' problem. I got this double layer insulation at Lowe's for less than $20 and lined both sides of the console and the top.

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Here's a better shot of the extra piece I put along the driver's side, I made sure it went as far forward as I could push it and all the way back even with the driver's seat then I trimmed the top edge.

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Now it's time to remove the radio, there's a 7mm screw on each side of the radio to remove first.

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Now take a flat blade and pry it out of the dash, don't try to pull it out by hand, you'll pull the front cover off!

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You've got to pry on both sides and ease it out.

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Ease the radio out, be very careful there are still lots of cables on the back.

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Here's the cables, 3 plugs plus the antenna connection. There's a tab on each connection to release so it will un-plug.

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Here's the big plug on the end, there's two smaller ones close to the round antenna connection.

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Here's the antenna connection, be careful, it's pretty flimsy.

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Now it's time to open up the new hazard switch, this costs less than $40 at the dealership. Note the tabs on top and bottom towards the front of the switch.

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The part number in case you need it. This is for a 2001 Coupe, I expect they are all the same but I don't know that for a fact.

To get the Hazard Switch cover plate off use two small flat blade screwdrivers, one on each side and ease it off, it should pop off with just a little effort.

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Look at the small green item in the mirror just above my thumb, that's the tab you've got to press in with the small screwdriver. This releases one side so you can push it back into the dash to get it out.

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I used a larger flat blade screwdriver to push it back into the dash towards the front of the car. It took a pretty good 'whack' with the heel of my hand to get it out.

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Work the switch down and pull it out of this hole in the dash frame. I pulled on the wires to get it the rest of the way out of it's hole and down to here. It takes some work to get it to this hole. If you have large hands you may not be able to get it. Ask for some help!

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Once you've got it out pull it as far out as you can so you can get to the connector.

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There's another tab to push on to get the connector off.

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Plug in the new switch and get ready to put it back in the dash, remember, it goes in there just like this. The little slot where you can see the light bulb goes in the lower right corner like this. You gotta get it back in the dash oriented just like this!

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It took several minutes to maneuver it back up in the dash and get it oriented just right. This is where those small hands and long fingers come in handy. Be patient! It CAN be done.

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The new switch in place! It took me about 5 minutes to get it back in there.

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Next, re-install the radio but before you screw it back in turn on the ignition and make sure it's working OK. Be sure to get that antenna connection pushed in all the way. I put it in last since it's the shortest cable.

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Reverse the procedure to get the dash back on. It's a pain to get the key fob through it's hole AND the console over the gear shift to get it back on. Before I re-installed mine I did a good cleaning job on all the console parts. That thing above the radio is my Ham radio, it's mounted on a small bracket on the dash.

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All done! It took right at an hour all together and that includes some time spent cleaning the console and under the console while I had it out.