HOW TO operate the Kenwood TS-830S and MFJ Tuner at the

Joy Lancaster Memorial Station

Fire Station No. 4, West I-10, Katy, Tx

When you arrive, go up the South stairs and enter at the 2nd story door.

KARS FSHS 007.jpg (1021230 bytes)

Before you go in you must turn on the antenna, it's normally grounded to protect from static electricity and lightning.

On your way in the door, flip the antenna switch from GROUND to OPERATE as shown below.

OPERATE is to the LEFT.

Go down the hallway and look for this room on your right

KARS FSHS 010.jpg (1122746 bytes)

Sit down at the radio like Mike is doing here:

KARS FSHS 004.jpg (1245287 bytes)

Turn on the Kenwood TS-830S with the TWO switches

KARS FSHS 012.jpg (1211070 bytes)

The right one turns on the radio and everything but the tube heaters, if you plan to transmit they must BOTH be on.
Let it warm up for AT LEAST 1 minute, longer is better.

If you plan to use the computer to look things up then turn it on too, I'm pointing to the on/off switch on the laptop.

KARS FSHS 013.jpg (1264876 bytes)

Check the 'Antenna Selector' on the MFJ Tuner, start out with it in the 'dummy load' position.

KARS FSHS 016.jpg (1122056 bytes)

Select the band you want to operate on the radio using the BAND switch, turn this knob SLOWLY it's an OLD radio.
Check the other knobs on the radio, they should be in about this position, it's a good starting spot.
If you just want to listen first then put the MFJ over to the 'BAL LINE/WIRE' position, check the logbook for the band settings on the MFJ, these should be a good starting point for just receiving. Tweak the DRIVE knob on the radio to maximize the receive signal. If you don't do all this you may not get ANY signal at all. If you change bands you must do all this again! Every band will be different. On the larger bands like 80/40/20/15/10 meters you may need to tweak these knobs again as you go from one end of the band to the other.

Be sure to select LSB for 40 meters and below, USB for the upper bands.

Tune around and find the band and frequency you want to operate on.

KARS FSHS 014.jpg (1438568 bytes)

Next it's time to tune up the transmitter! This is a tube type radio, you GOTTA tune it up before getting on the air.
Put the MFJ back on the 'Dummy Load' position.
Flip the MODE switch over to 'TUNE' and flip up the 'SEND' switch.

KARS FSHS 015.jpg (1265103 bytes)

Now adjust the 'LOAD' 'PLATE' and 'DRIVE knobs along the top for maximum output on the MFJ wattmeter.
Generally, the LOAD never changes, the DRIVE will change some but not much, and most of the movement will be in the PLATE knob.

Turn off SEND when done. Leave it in the TUNE mode.

KARS FSHS 014.jpg (1438568 bytes)

Now that you have the radio tuned up, it's time to tune up the antenna! First put the 'antenna selector' over on the 'BAL LINE/WIRE' position.
Check the paper on top of the MFJ for the settings to use on the MFJ, adjust the INDUCTOR SELECTOR, TRANSMITTER MATCHING, and ANTENNA MATCHING as shown on the paper, this should be a good starting point and the SWR should be fairly low. While tuning watch the REFLECTED meter on the MFJ, you want to make it as close to 0 as possible as shown in the picture below.

KARS FSHS 016.jpg (1122056 bytes)

Hit the SEND switch on the radio again to transmit and then adjust the two MATCHING knobs, do NOT adjust the INDUCTOR SELECTOR while transmitting! (arcs and sparks may result).

KARS FSHS 017.jpg (1290327 bytes)

You should be able to get the REFLECTED meter to go down to zero. Sometimes you must 'walk' the two MATCHING knobs to get the reflected power down. The log book should give you a good starting point. Note, power in the TUNE mode is about 20 to 25 watts as shown.

KARS FSHS 018.jpg (1350119 bytes)

Now that you have the RADIO and the TUNER all TUNED UP you are ready to operate! Flip the MODE switch back to either USB or LSB as required for the band and grab the mic. If you change bands, you MUST tune up again, if you move very far in frequency on the band you tuned on (say around 100 KHz or so) you should tune up again. Keep an eye on the REFLECTED meter, if it starts to move you need to touch up the settings on the MFJ TUNER.

Log your contacts in the log book, you can use the KT5TX club call or your own, do not operate any bands that you are not authorized to operate on! Use the laptop to look up info about the hams on or the band plan on

When done for the day, turn the 830 off (both switches) and set the MFJ to DUMMY LOAD. Shutdown the laptop and turn out the lights. On your way out the door be sure to GROUND the antenna switch as shown below.


GROUND is to the RIGHT.