Erin's Graduation, May 23, 2003
Ponca City High School

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MVC-547F.JPG (54931 bytes) Erin coming around the track

MVC-548F.JPG (98407 bytes) Erin's best friend, Rachel

MVC-549F.JPG (86019 bytes) Erin coming around the band.

MVC-550F.JPG (52029 bytes) Rachel coming past the grandstand

MVC-551F.JPG (45878 bytes) Erin coming past the grandstand

MVC-552F.JPG (51305 bytes) Both getting into their seats.

MVC-553F.JPG (49110 bytes) Hi Mom!

MVC-554F.JPG (58143 bytes) Adam heading for his seat.

MVC-555F.JPG (56251 bytes) Hi Mom!

MVC-556F.JPG (68358 bytes) The National Anthem

MVC-559F.JPG (78033 bytes) The school board

MVC-560F.JPG (81402 bytes) The Chorale

MVC-561F.JPG (55317 bytes) The beautiful sunset

MVC-564F.JPG (77543 bytes) Does this guy have flames on his car too?

MVC-567F.JPG (65327 bytes) The beachball comes out!

MVC-568F.JPG (70386 bytes) The principle, Linda Powers

MVC-572F.JPG (68681 bytes) Rachel gets her diploma

MVC-573F.JPG (69659 bytes) Erin gets her diploma

MVC-574F.JPG (70547 bytes) The tassel is moved!

MVC-575F.JPG (72864 bytes) Joanna gets her diploma

MVC-576F.JPG (70426 bytes) Brent gets his.

MVC-580F.JPG (67519 bytes) Adam gets his diploma