The Oklahoma Ice Storm of 2002
Ponca City

Storm dates 01/30/2002 to 02/03/2002

It all started on Wed. the 30th, freezing rain all day. The ice built up all day long and it was eventually 3/4 to 1 inch thick on everything except the ground, it had been rather warm the few days before the storm so nothing stayed on the ground. We could get around just fine but eventually the ice got so thick it started to bring down the tree limbs and then they brought down the power lines. At my house in Ponca City our power went off about 4 pm on Wed and wasn't restored until 5 pm on Sunday the 3rd. Four long days! Some folks in town are still without power as I write this on the 5th!

Here's some pictures of our yard and trees. Fortunately there was no damage to our house except the trees in our yard. First off, the front yard. This tree is about 21 years old. Here's the swing set also in the front yard. In the back yard we have two trees, both were damaged. By the way, all three trees are Sugar Maples, they are a pretty weak tree. Here's the swing set in the back yard, it made a nice limb holder. This small limb (about 1 1/2 inch in diameter) is leaning on the North fence with about an inch of ice all over. I tried to pick it up and it wouldn't budge, it's truly amazing how heavy a little ice is. Here's the Ham radio beams all iced up. They bent but were not damaged.