After 30+ years in Ponca City God has decided it's time for us to move to the Houston area. We bought a house just a few miles 
South of Katy, Tx in a subdivision called Firethorne. Here are some pictures of the house before we moved in.

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The front from the corner,         from the front,                 a little farther away,  the other side.
Note the empty lots on both sides of the house, with the building boom in Katy they won't be
that way long.

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The entryway & stairs,     the side of the kitchen,    more of the kitchen,           the kitchen from the other end

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This is just off the kitchen,         the family room,       the dining room which is open to the family room and kitchen

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The master bedroom,      master bath dual shower,  dual sinks,                      garden tub

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the 4th bedroom (study),  the game room upstairs,  other end of game room,  media room just off the game room

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2nd bedroom upstairs,      3rd bedroom upstairs,      3rd bathroom upstairs,      looking down the stairs

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covered patio in back,       west side of house,           east side, looks like it won't take long to mow the yard!

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Playground across the street, community pool,            another playground near the pool

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