After 28 years in our old house and watching the girls grow up here and then 10 years of looking for something different God finally opens a door, a 4 foot wide door at that! As you view the pictures you'll note lots of wallpaper, that will be the first to get upgraded, a few other minor things here and there too.

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The front from the corner,         from the front,                 The Living Room              The formal dining room

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The Kitchen                     More Kitchen                   The breakfast nook          More b'fast nook

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The Den                           Half bath off the Den        The 'Rock Room'            More of the Rock Room

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Other end of the Rock room, from the Rock room,     The other side of the Living room, The hallway to the master bedroom

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1st Bedroom                     2nd Bedroom                   2nd BR Closet                  2nd bath

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3rd Bedroom                    Master Bedroom                Master shower                 Master bathroom

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Master bath sink                Master closet left side           Master closet right             Garage

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More garage                       Nook in the garage