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Little Family Reunion, June 24, 2000 (Sherre's family)
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Pic 1 Playing games
Pic 2 Handing in our homework
Pic 3 So, who won?
Pic 4 'and the winner is...'
Pic 5 Wayne
Pic 6 Conrad & Vivan
Pic 7 Cousin Max
Pic 8 Aunt Lucy & Family
Pic 9 another shot of the same
Pic 10 Wayne & Beverly
Pic 11 The Spec & Betty gang note the missing family in the picture...
Pic 12 ditto
Pic 13 Gardy, Francis & Family
Pic 14 ditto
Pic 15 The original Little Kids acting up
Pic 16 ditto more formal
Pic 17 ditto
Pic 18 Cousins plus Pam
Pic 19 The grandkids
Pic 20 ditto
Pic 21 ditto
Pic 22 Mackenzie (did I spell it right?)
Pic 23 The life of the party...
Pic 24 ditto
Pic 25 Mackenzie and Mom
Pic 26 The meeting of the minds
Pic 27 The decision is made!
Pic 28 Klye and Andrea (he thinks he wants into this family some day)