Tulsa Hamfest Trip May 2000

The 2000 Tulsa Hamfest was at the Jones/Riverside airport and WA5MDN, Jim invited us to fly with him to the hamfest. So, here's our trip in pictures.

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Pic 1 Just before sunrise, time to hop in the car and head to the airport.
Pic 2 The main gate at the airport.
Pic 3 Sunrise at the airport.
Pic 4 Here's Jim opening up the plane, we flew a Cessna 172. They have lots of room!
Pic 5 The other side of the plane, here's where we get in.
Pic 6 I got to sit in the co-pilot seat, here we are lined up on the runway ready to take off!
Pic 7 Up, up, and away! Here's my neighborhood, it's just East of the airport.
Pic 8 That's my house in the middle with the brown car in the drive, looks like I didn't wait for the camera to auto-focus!
Pic 9 A shot of the West side of Ponca City.
Pic 10 Here's the Conoco complex, I work in the 2nd tallest Red brick building left of the two tall towers.
Pic 11 A shot of the Conoco Refinery, this is called the West Plant.
Pic 12 This is the Hutchins Memorial and the park around it, close to downtown.
Pic 13 The East side of Ponca City, who's finger is that?
Pic 14 The instrument panel in the plane. LOTS of knobs to twist! Note the ham radio at the bottom of the rack tuned to 147.49, later we moved over to 146.52 and I worked a large pileup! From Kansas to Oklahoma, you can talk a long ways from 3500 feet!
Pic 15 Here's Lake Keystone from a distance.
Pic 16 Another shot of Lake Keystone, that's the turnpike bridge.
Pic 17 Ya know, this lake is bigger than I thought....
Pic 18 Lots of water going out of the Lake Keystone dam.
Pic 19 Downtown Tulsa, it was very hazy, maybe smoky.
Pic 20 The Jones airport that we're going to is that green patch in the middle.
Pic 21 The Hwy 75 and Creek turnpike intersection, they are still working on the West side.
Pic 22 We're lined up for the runway...
Pic 23 That's the Tulsa Technology Center, where the hamfest was.
Pic 24 Here we are parked and there's the main door! This is the life...
Pic 25 Here's some of the crowd at the hamfest.
Pic 26 Here's Pat and Ed at the ORSI booth, this is also where I spent most of my day.
Pic 27 More of the crowd at the hamfest.
Pic 28 Lots of empty flea market tables on this side of the room.
Pic 29 The Texas Connectors table, they had a crowd all day.
Pic 30 Here's the other side of the flea market, more folks over here.
Pic 31 More goodies at the flea market.
Pic 32 More of the crowd.
Pic 33 Here's N5VEA and N5VDZ from Blackwell!
Pic 34 Here's N5HIC, he flew over with us.
Pic 35 A close up of a radio plate, I used to have one of these so I took a shot of it for old time's sake.
Pic 36 Another shot of the boat anchor.
Pic 37 Here's Norm and Darrel, KJ5LY also from Blackwell.
Pic 38 This guy from IFR in Wichita sure was busy testing radios from the flea market. He did it for free!
Pic 39 Another shot of the ORSI booth.
Pic 40 A closeup of the new ORSI banner we had made for use at hamfests.
Pic 41 Time to leave, here's a shot from the backseat of the plane we're just outside the Technology Center.
Pic 42 A better shot of downtown Tulsa, wasn't as hazy on our way home.
Pic 43 This is I-44, the turnpike to OKC.
Pic 44 We flew right over this grass fire.
Pic 45 It got very hazy/smokey on the way home.
Pic 46 A shot of Kaw Lake dam.
Pic 47 A better shot of the dam.
Pic 48 That large brown field is Jim's grass airstrip just west of Kaw Lake.
Pic 49 Here's Lake Ponca.
Pic 50 Here's the Wentz Golf course.
Pic 51 The North end of 14th street in Ponca.
Pic 52 The large building in the middle is the Pioneer Vo-Tech building. This is the field where Erin rides the go-cart.
Pic 53 There's the runway where we'll land shortly. It took about 45 minutes to get home.
Pic 54 Another shot of the Conoco complex.
Pic 55 Another shot of the tank farm.
Pic 56 Here's the road work on Waverly, looks like they will be done soon.
Pic 57 The runway, we're almost lined up and ready to land, there was a pretty strong crosswind and Jim did a great job landing us nice and smooth which is VERY hard in a crosswind.
Pic 58 On the ground and parked! Unloading all our goodies we bought at the hamfest.
Pic 59 Still unloading! We came home with more than we took!
Pic 60 One last shot of the plane as we walked to our cars.